My passion for make-up began in my early teens with that first taste of lip gloss.  That was all it took.  I was hooked.  Unlike most youthful infatuations, however, this one has gradually matured into a lifelong love.

While studying art in college, I began as a make-up artist for Lancome.  From there, I launched a freelance career, which has created a diverse range of opportunities, with a wide array of talented photographers.  I have collaborated with Stuart Locklear, Michael Winokur, Lois Tema, Margot Hartford, Lisa Keating and Allen Rosenburg, to name a few.  I have worked on independent films, video, TV, corporate websites, headshots, fashion, music and print ads for magazines including Ladies Home Journal, Life and Arise magazine.

I see the face as my canvas and make-up as my palette.  I treat each subject individually employing my ears as well as my eyes.  The needs of the client are always my first consideration.  Then, I add the personal touch and unique style that distinguishes and sets my work apart from others.